Cory originally trained in classical 2D animation. When everything went 3D he stubbornly stuck to working in 2D and after a bunch of years working in retail and taking art lessons in his spare time he somehow pulled off being the first to win the 2013  Young Cartoonist Award. Sponsored by the New Zealand Cartoon Archive and the Listener, this saw him undertake employment for both the Dominion Post and NZ Listener as a weekly cartoonist.
Soon followed a brief stint overseas which saw him studying figure painting in Florence, Italy, and working as a designer in Switzerland. Since returning to Wellington he has worked as a concept artist for the videogame company Pikpok, boarded and animated for music videos at Skyranch and is currently enthralled with storyboarding at Mechanic Animation. His comics have been featured in several NZ anthologies, though he is still struggling to make one that doesn’t revolve around some guy punching a dinosaur. When he is not drawing dinosaurs you can usually find him thinking about drawing dinosaurs.