Greg Broadmore, Professional Maker-Upper of Shit. For what seems like a lifetime, at least to him, Greg Broadmore has been making things up – drawings, scribblings, musical assaults on the earballs… all with one motto at heart: “Never let talent get in the way of your dreams”. For the longest time he did that for free, cos really, no-one wanted any of it. In fact he spent seven solid years on the dole aka the unemployment benefit, making ‘art’ and costing the New Zealand tax payer a pretty penny for the privilege.

Then, back in 2002 an amazing thing happened – somehow, he convinced Oscar winner and all round top fellah, Sir Richard Taylor to give him a job at Weta Workshop. Since then, he’s helped make a ton of films, like Neill Blomkamp’s District 9 and Peter Jackson’s King Kong, both of which were bloody good fun. But there’s only so long you can make science-fiction and fantasy with the world’s leading brainiacs before you need to do it yourself, so with the support of Sir Richard, he thunk up the world of Dr. Grordbort’s – a satirical celebration of rocketships, rayguns and good old-fashioned interplanetary racism.From that world sprung, collectibles, toys, prints, comic books, a world-travelling exhibition and even wild and wonderful weapons and wearables for Valve’s Team Fortress 2 game. Since then he must have taken a knock to the head, cos he thinks he can make videogames. Heading a growing team of very-clever boffins at Weta Workshop and Magic Leap, he’s creating one of the world’s first mixed reality game experiences set in the Dr. G universe.