A 19-year veteran of the New Zealand games industry and a co-founder and current Creative Director at PikPok, Stu has contributed to the design and development of more games than he can count on all of his fingers and toes, let alone remember.

Starting with the home console boom of the mid-late nineties, he began painting tiny 4-bit colour textures for the original PlayStation and building 3D tanks in Maya out of 50 polygons. A three-year stint in the Australian industry saw him constructing replica Formula 1 tracks and lighting ‘small-town America’ game levels for ill-fated first person shooters. After returning to PikPok in 2004, highlights include mocapping thoroughbreds racing through a warehouse in Levin, and building a 3D replica of a retro Smeg fridge for Johnny Knoxville’s avatar to surf down a mountainside on.

In recent years Stu’s role has been a bit less hands-on, focused on guiding and managing a team of art directors, production artists, designers and animators in the visual development and publishing of games for now ubiquitous mobile platforms, as well assisting in PikPok’s first forays into virtual reality. Their ever-growing portfolio has been enjoyed by more than 250 million people worldwide, which is a pretty cool thing for any content creator.